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(noun) a keg-buyer is a person who, when asked to leave an overcrowded party, offers to "buy" the keg in exchange for being allowed to stay.

"Keg-buyer" can also be used to describe any person who is attempts to use money to win friends or exhibits other whack behavior.

(KB is an acceptable abbreviation for keg-buyer)
"Dude I told this little maggot kid to leave the party and he offered me $20 if I let him stay! Fucking keg-buyer."

"Wow, you're seriously talking about how much money your Dad makes--stop being such a keg-buyer."

"We call the keg-buyer 'KB' on the sneak so he won't know that we're talking about him."
by Mr. Reginald VelJohnson September 14, 2007
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