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(Keep it 100) To be keepin it one hunned means you are awesome, stayin cool, stayin chill, stayin happy, everything is all good. In the Christian sense of the phrase, it would mean, staying pure, keepin a close relationship with God 24/7 and staying holy. It means you've successfully stayed away from a habitual sin that always is comin up in your life. In the sense of a relationship it would mean everything is going well between the two people.
"Yo bro wassup? You been keepin it one hunned?"

Reply, "Ya man,I keep it one hunned all day err day!"

Example: "Hey you and Brittney keepin it one hunned?"
"Oh yeah, we going strong!"

"You been keepin it one hunned lately?"
"Ya me and God be tight right now, I'm pretty proud of how I've stayed close wit Him lately."
by DC-whitehouse February 15, 2015
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