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Slang phrase meaning that someone tells the truth even it if means revealing some gruesome, vulgar, obscene or otherwise damaging information. Not to be confused with keepin it gangsta
Thug: Ayo, what ever happened to Raheed? wasn't he supposed to step on this brick and take it to poppi on 116th?
HeadG: Look blood between me and you, Raheed owed me money, and nobody liked his punk ass anyway so me and Niko popped him and dumped his body in the river ya dig?
Thug: Word, way to keep it grimey my nigga!

Chump: Hey baby, why ain't you returning my calls?
Girl: Look nigga you're broke, stupid and your style's whack plus your dick ain't circumsized, so stop callin me..
Onlooker: Hahaha oh shit, that chick's keepin it grimey!
Chump: Hey! Get back here HO!

Playa: Yo this might not be the best time to tell you this, but I'm fuckin Denise..
Chump: WHAT! I just bought her wedding ring, I'm gonna kill both of you!
Playa: Whoa whoa, don't be mad at me, I'm just keepin it grimey youngn..
by netstryke January 07, 2006
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