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It is the definer of the 21st century. It is the process in which you smoke on the medicinal, flavorfal, mexmorizable wackey tobackey. your average buisness-folk (so i dont get sued) is wond tight in an average day. Taking part in any "Keep Calm and Smoke(ing) Kush" activity releases tension, enabling common-folk to chill out, keep calm, smoke kush, rather than keep calm and, kill everyone. and government thinks this is negatable? Hahaha, Bless your Soul. you really think your in control?
guy 1, "Man, i think it's time i kill my co-workers. they steam me up-"
guy 2, "Bro! just keep calm and smoke kush. steams yourself up buddy."
by DGKhalifa November 26, 2013
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