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Also known as the "rock mafia". A legend with roots from the town of Stenungsund in western Sweden. The legend tells of three young and skilled drivers who pushed the term of "streetracing" to it's edges. The three always seen togheter along with a brand new sportscar every week. Either at the pit stop of Stora Höga or GETSKÄRR (The Rock). The name kebabslackers was labeled by the community for their deep passion for kebab. A passion which was to be inherited by every single teenager - kebablovers who looked after the town.
- Ello, what to do?
- How about kebabslackin' at the rock?

- What if the bullies show up?
- Don't worry, I'm sure the kebabslackers will get rid of them.

- I can now be safe in my house.
- Yeah, thanks to the kebabslackers.

- That's a nice boyfriend you've got!
- Yeah, he's a real kebabslacker!
by slackie (Amir G) March 12, 2005
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