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the prettiest most wonderful person in the world a great friend and usually the short one of the group is really loud but can get away with it because shes so small very perverted and hilarious
damn kayela is hot
by meggmegg jennjenn March 26, 2010
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A Kayela comes off as a great friend, a caring person, and a humorous girl. Eventually, you will realize that she is often bratty, selfish, and just plain rude. You may wonder what has happened, but you will grow to dislike her. When you stop being friends, she will steal your best friend and leave you in envy. Your best friend will start to dislike you because of the evil Kayela, who convinces her to stop liking you. Kayela easily stops liking people when you stop liking her. Your best friend and Kayela start to give each other gifts constantly to make you feel jealous, and however you deal with it will determine if you're jealous or not. To get vengeance, you try to make her jealous, but unfortunately you are just a potato and are very bad at this. You see boys throw bags of food at her and laugh so hard that she thinks it you. That boy was your favorite person that day. Eventually you become depressed that your friend has been stolen and Kayela's ignorance drives you out of your mind. You decide to make a truce, but you begin to dislike her again, and her new best friend was your old bestfriend. You hold a grudge and you can tell that they don't like you. Then you and you stolen bestfriend's best friend, that you stole is at your house, and you are gossiping about her and writing a truthful definition about the evil Kayela.
Oh my gosh, that trash can over there reminds me of a Kayela!

She is so rude, her name must be Kayela.
by Fuzzy Piggy April 09, 2017
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