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Kayden Fitts is rare man. And no one can replace Kayden Fitts. Kayden Fitts is intelligent but not very smart. Kayden Fitts will most likely have bad grades in his middle through high school years but still passes the grade. Kayden Fitts may have been through a lot as kid/teen. He also may have an anger problem. Suffer depression. Have suicidal thoughts or has tried to commit suicide. Kayden Fitts's type of music is most likely rap and sad depressing music. He has an obsession for addida and supreme. Kayden Fitts also is a great and wonderful friend to have. He may feel lonely but he knows that there are others just like him the world. Whenever Kayden Fitts has a girlfriend he will love and protect and even take a bullet for her, and he treat her right. Kayden Fitts will also probably make others happy and give good advice to other people. And the reason Kayden is so nice is because he doesn't want others to the feel the way he does. Kayden Fitts will probably like to FIGHT or Box. And has been in a couple fights. Kayden Fitts may have cut himself because of some drama. There is so much more about Kayden Fitts I wanna say but thats to much typing.
KAYDEN FITTS is such a great friend... But I wonder why he always mad and hardly ever smiles
by Jemria December 22, 2018
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