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the slightly evolved ancestor of a rare screeching monkey: has poor motor skills and short term memory. slightly less hairy than the average primate.

a kay-tar often exemplifies bad judgement and does NOT make good choices.

is well known for dumbass remarks and meek understanding or jokes, unless they directly include the word "penis", or any other form or genitalia.

uses monkey-like reflexes to promptly hit balls that may be flying at her face. (most often volleyballs)

so, basically, generally amazing and beautiful. :)

clara: KAY-TAR YOU FUCKING BABOON! get your hairy ass over here!

kay-tar: haha...wait what?

clara: ooooh my lordie.

carrie: make good choices!

kay-tar: i wont! :)

clara: so, dickfuck, whats faster than a speeding bullet?

dickfuck: idk, what?

clara: a jew with a coupon.


kay-tar:.........haha.......i dont get it.

clara: kay-tar...just go hit some balls or something.

kay-tar: hahahahaha balls....(:
by sugarlesshigh December 12, 2010
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