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Couple from the evangelion series that will make you cry so much. Actual canon and based on "let's pair the desesperate 'n' hopeless kid with the angelic looking dude who has no clue how human works". Here, Shinji Ikari's the depressed kid, while Kaworu Nagisa (aka Tabris) is litterally the angel of the couple.
It can take three different aspects depending of the medias :

-Tsunderella and the hopeless idiot (manga)

-oooooo Mr Nagisa (anime)

-so much fluff and smoochies hhaaaa (rebuild)
But hey- no matter the "version", it's a couple doomed to reduce you to tear and broken feels, since our dear Tabris bears the curse of the "white haired anime boy" and simply can't get rid of it. Enjoy your tears and Shinji's.
-why is Carla crying ?
-oh, she just found a really cute KawoShin fanfiction but it turned out it was terribly sad and horrible all along.
by Kristoph Kokonose January 24, 2015
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