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The most sweetest person you’ve ever meet you might think that he’s mean and very rude but once you get know him he is very nice and loyal. But don’t let his shortness fool you he may be very nice but don’t ever cross him lie on him or lie to him or hurt one of his friends. And one thing that you need to know about a kavaris is that if he is always looking you at your or if he ever picked up your leg that means he is secretly crushing on you and he’s waiting for you to say something so he can make a move. He does prefer girls but a kavaris is so smooth He could get a girl and a boy to get in bed with him at the same time
Q: kavaris is smooth him and Ricky would be perfect together

A:kavaris doesn’t even like boys
Q: I was just saying
by Thetruth561 June 04, 2018
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A bitch ass nigga who think he's better than everyone. But really terrible at everything.Also scared to talk to females and High key gay
This dude kavari from New York is gay
by Timb boot October 01, 2017
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