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Under the disguise of a Canada's Leading Youth Volunteer program, it's a science experiment gone awry, lasting nine months and consisting with the strangest group of 17-21 year olds imaginable. The "Katimaviktims" (clever, oh ho ho) live with 10 other strangers and volunteer 8 hours a day in three different parts of Canada. The program includes making 10 page protocalls to go pee, enduring weekly house meetings that are more painful than plucking out your own eye, turning vegitarian or learning to loathe vegitarians, creating screaming wrestling matches over lifted toilet seats, dishes, lint traps, or music, and still somehow managing to get an amazingly positive life-altering experience.

Just don't ever mention toilet seats.
Recently graduated highschool student/frustrated university dropout/bored drifter: What's this? Katimavik? A free travelling program offered by some abstract arm of the Canadian government? Promised self discovery? What's there to lose?
by A Katimaviker April 07, 2006
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