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She’s beautiful but she’ll never see herself like the rest of the world does. To know who she really is you will have to take the time to prove to her you can be trusted. She’s kind-hearted and cares about people (sometimes too much) she sees through people’s anger and hate because she knows who they are on the inside. She’s smart, talented, and the most special girl you’ll ever meet. Most will think she’s too good to be true at first glance but once they see underneath they won’t want to let her go. She doesn’t do as everyone else does, she does what she does. She’s not quick to get angry, In fact she’s patient with the people she loves. She May be all of these things but she’s also a little spit fire at times. When she gets angry you can’t calm her down. She has a wild side that shouldn’t be tamed. Shes extremely competitive too. She’s everything anyone needs and more. The only sad thing about Katherine grace is that she’ll never see that. She’s too humble to do so.
by Kris_James_Bennet July 26, 2018
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