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She is so beautiful and amazing. She can definitely make any guy smile, she also has a passion for dancing. Very unique, any guy would be extremely lucky to be with her. She is spontaneous and gorgeous. Kassaundra is another word for someone who is amazing

Kick ass




with out a doubt the most beautiful girl on the face of the earth

And she is the best girlfriend a guy could ask for

if I were to go on about how awesome this girl is

it would take forever

So in short a Kassaundra would be the girl you are in total love with
Kassaundra is so godly that I adore her.
by natureisbeauty November 07, 2011
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Absolutely loves penis.... Not the BIG HUGE veiny ones and not the little tiny ones. She likes the ones that she can really feel without killing her. She absolutely has NO GAG reflex and swallows everything.
Her exact words " spitting is quitting, don't be a quitter".

No shit there i was balls deep in a kassaundra, and she took it all.
by DA JuGgerNaUT B!tch September 23, 2011
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