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1.A small room, a secret place, a personal space within a given space.

2.A small town in the 'Wakiso' district in central Uganda.
Origin of:
One of the early 'Kabakas' (Kings) of the Baganda people of central Uganda is reported to have requested for, then offered a little room for a short sleep while at the village, en-route to his Palace from the coronation grounds. The talk of the village people then gave this place its present day name...'Kasenge'.
'Kano kasenge kange'-
'Kano' means 'this' or 'this one' relating to something small in size.
'Kesenge' means (small)'room'
'kange' means 'Mine' relating to ownership of...

Hence the sentence above (in Luganda language) would translate as; 'This' is 'My Small/Little Room'.
by Karonay-ronaldS September 29, 2006
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