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(noun) The random dog doo that a dog owner picks up and disposes of when out and about to make up for those times when his or her own dog has done its business somewhere that then mysteriously cannot be found (e.g., out in the tall grass in the park).

To pick up karma poo is to maintain equilibrium in the world of dog doo disposal, and to help make up for all the idiot dog owners who allow their dogs to defecate anywhere and everywhere without cleaning it up.
"Man, I've looked everywhere and I can't find Fido's poo!"
"Dude, you'd better go find some karma poo and take care of it!"
"What are you doing? Fifi didn't take a dump!"
"I know, but I think she snuck one out here somewhere the other day, and I'm way behind on my karma poo anyway."
by MollyBurrito August 17, 2011
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