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gurl , it s the sorority house that all the white hoes go to in scream queens. many of them white bitches died there too. #tragic but they kinda deserve it because they act like they rule the whole fucking world mhmmmm ahuahhhh!
omg bitch, are you going to the party thats hosted by the white dumbass hoes from KKT (Kappa Kappa Tau) tonight? i heard its totes awesome and therell be dead bitches in bathtubs who died from childbirth!

P.S. for the bitches who do watch scream queens, hester, boone and pete are the red devil killer! dont be fooled by their steaming hot appearance especially nick jonas. nick jonas is so hot, everytime he appears, i want him to crawl out of the screen to demolish my pussy and ass. #mhmmmm
by sororitybitch April 05, 2016
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