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An appeal launched just-in-time to a Facebook administrator to un-ban an account from posting. Used in political discourse, the appeal is construed as a pre-emptive strike against sites that seek to prevent bloggers from posting a response against an assertation.

The blogger who cites the expression 'kanban me' is granted free passage by the site administrator to post up to 10 rebuttals and agrees to abide by a code of conduct in posting his/her response. The blogger is required to post using his/her own identity and endeavors not to defame or slander anyone in his rebuttal.

The root word kanban is a lean or just-in-time manufacturing process invented by Taiichi Ohno.
Commonly used as a hashtag expression:

#FreeMyInternet - kanban me <name of organization>!

The above hashtag FreeMyInternet denotes a movement formed to promote freedom of speech on the Internet.
by Quiet Desperation December 13, 2013
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