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A smart, funny, happy, annoying and bipolar girl. She loves to just be herself. She can be mean... She is a tomboy. If you make her mad she will forgive you no matter what.... she lies but than she will tell the truth! She is trustworthy. If she likes a boy she will not tell him but she will just smile at you.. she is loyal but she can’t find the right one cause when she does she leaves him so he can do his best..... she is loveable and was planned to be born! She make new friends no matter where she is going! She can act dumb at times but she is super smart!! She loves to play sports ( she can’t pick a sport but loves to play) she is very tiny.. like a teddy bear and very very love-able .... she is gorgeous, beautiful, and amazing.... if you ever meet one keep one there worth it
I like this girl name kanariah but I don’t know if she likes me.
by Shhhmyname🤩 January 16, 2019
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