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kalianna is a godess of beauty she is very beautiful honest and loving she gets sensitive but hides her pain inside she goes out of her way to help other people she is someone who dreams of a perfect life she is very smart and wishes only for the best, kalianna's usaully have brown hair brown eyes very athletic and are very positive about life exept when it comes to them they get very insecure if ur a friend of a kalianna its like having luck ur whole life and being hit by an angle u would instanly fall in love with a kalianna
wow u look like a kalianna today
thanks for being a kalianna

ur a great kalianna

wow today is very kalianna
by cutieK13 November 05, 2011
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The most sexiest daring women you’ll ever come in contact with. Get yourself one, they are hard to find but once you have yourself a kaliaana you’ll never let go
Ooooooooo she’s like a kalianna
by Relatella September 23, 2018
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