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A fucking spastic cunt who thinks he is above the law.

Goes to Scots College and has the IQ of a stick.
yo, I'm a kahurangi! I'm above the law!
by Nhutic October 06, 2018
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Kahurangi is a gentleman, kind and respectful, aspiring to utmost refinement. He is someone who everyone loves to be around and will always be willing to sit and chat if he has the free time. He is a very good listener and he hones a very svelte and lithe physique (like spider-man). A great lover of music and dance, he can melt the hearts of anyone who hears the sound of his voice, or sees his graceful body in full flight.
I don't think its possible to be anything like Kahurangi
by Maori Jesus June 28, 2017
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