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(Verb) To replace a commonly understood gesture with a new and very different and unrelated but excessively political meaning... Origin: A guy tinkerbell wanted the NFL to be the aNFL (anti-National Football League), so he took a gesture that was reserved for showing respect (such as when proposing for marriage or thanking God Tebowing) and told people it was now supposed to be used to show disrespect toward America and the police.
Pro athlete: When I wave my hand, I am not saying "hi." I am saying I want you erased off the chalkboard of life."
Reporter: I think you just kaepernucked up the actual meaning of that gesture.
Pro athlete: When I bow to the flag, I am showing that I would rather look at the ground than look at that flag, and then have that flag shoved up my ass.
Reporter: You can't be serious. You kaepernucked up, pervert.
Pro athlete: Are you flipping me the bird?
Reporter: I am showing that I agree with you: You are number one, and offering the dove of peace. But I may have kaepernucked up.
by UGiveUp October 10, 2017
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