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Is a stunning girl that has many talents and is gifted in many ways that are undescribable. She fears a lot and is a perfectionist at everything she does{never stops thinking}.she may seem hard to talk to or plain out rude at first but when u get to know her you'll fall in love with how comedic, intelligent,generous,loyaland selfless she is. She not only has a inner beauty but outer too her beautiful face and eyes that can take anyone's breath away at any moment in time. But besides all of that you don't want to get on her bad side ,she's over protective over those she loves and won't give any f**** as to hurting anyone who does f*** with her or her besties. Shes strong and quit an interesting character that you'll want to get to know once you see her with her full out personality present. She's just amazing and best of all Everytime you look at her you'll want to smile:) .
Dang that kaenna girl is stunning and halarious.
by Jake Sullivan April 23, 2018
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