ka ni na bei chao chee bye

This is a vulgar phrase commonly used in Singapore as an insult, it's words originate from the many different races residing in the country. Namely, hokkien and Malay, this phrase means Fuck your mother's smelly vagina.
To break it down simply,

Kaninabei = fuck your mother

chao = smelly

cheebye (or jibai) = vagina.

Normally, in text messaging, it's shortened to knnccb. knn is the short form of Kaninabei while ccb is Chao Chee Bye . Hope this helped :-)
"Ka ni na bei chao chee bye, think your grandfather's road ah?" - Di Gan
"Sorry boss I get lost now" - John

"knnccb that fucker gave me 3 detention sia" - Di Ming
"lmao bro sad life"- Adam
by CurryVum March 19, 2016
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