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Girls who always hang out at bars/clubs in Koreatown (k-town) because they're obsessed with Korean dudes (mainly non-Korean Asians in love with k-pop). They hang out at the same asian bars/clubs and hook up with Korean bartenders or promoters and their friends. K-town groupies can easily be spotted as they always get free shots from the Korean bartenders.
Friend A: Check out those hot asian girls over at the bar.

Friend B: The Chinese girls? They're k-town groupies. They're here every weekend to drink and hook up with the Korean bartenders. It's all that k-pop craze.

Friend A: How do you know that?

Friend B: My friend told me. He's a bartender here. He knows the deal. Give those K-town groupies free shots and he'll get lucky.
by jkim16 May 24, 2017
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