The term of endearment, within the BTS fandom, created for k-army (Korean fans) by i-army (International fans).

K-diamonds are very very loved by i-army, because they take out a lot of their time to help the international fandom stay up-to-date with everything BTS related, through translations, helpful explanations and announcements. This is something i-armys are incredibly thankful for, because not many kpop fandoms have such a close relationship to their Korean counterpart. K-army are also known to be really cute, peaceful and shy, which is why they've been given the name "k-diamond" to illustrate how precious they are.

The name originally came about after k-army gave i-army the term of endearment "i-lovelies".
"K-diamonds and I-Lovelies we are bound by trust, respect & love. We live so far away but our heart always connected together. We are not only fandom, we're family."
by Expertus March 21, 2018
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