Specifically said in the Shropshire, particularly more rural areas.

A shortened form of "Ok lad" ... usually used as a mockery of the Shropshire border accent who are known to put a particular emphasis on the "aaaa" sound and, so much so that the "d" seems absent.

It is used by many Salopians as a mockery of the border accent because it is seen as lazy and supposedly misses out sounds.

Locals all over Shropshire commonly use the term "lad" as an affectionate term for a friend.. The term is, stranely, multi-gender and can be said to girls.
Note: A Salopian would never say "alright lad?" to a girl, but they would probably say "alright laaa?"


Salopian Sixth Former 1: "I'm going to be late for Biology, can you tell Sarah?
Salopian Sixth Former 2: "K laaaa."
by ok lad/lass November 19, 2013
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