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A hot girl that is obsessed with guys and has a big rack. And she is definitely a phat girl. (Pretty Hot And Thick). She has intense beautiful eyes. And I personality that is so incredibly insane you will think she is on crack. But she is so amazing and is loved by everyone. She is definitely not modest. But she loves to be around people. She is a social butterfly.
by k to the ' to the LA lovely! September 15, 2010
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A hot teenager with a really nice rack and is usually modest. Cannot handle a serious realtionship too well(No one cares that they can't). Tries to hold on to virginity and is commonly asked to give it up. Most commonly wears a size 34-C.
Kayla is one hot K-LA. Too bad...
by Hazahemata March 25, 2005
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The most beautiful name for the most beautiful girl, it is pronounced ( Kay-la) Kla is an amazing, interesting girl with wild curls on her hair and luscious lips, she is beauty, the way she carries herself in Palringo the land of the thirsty make her seem as if she's a dream come true, her parents gave her this name to stand out from the rest, and that's what she does wherever she goes, beautiful earth goddess with eyes that stare deep into your soul, Kla is unforgettable
That Kla girl she's so beautiful!!
by Kittinkunt August 10, 2017
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Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) is a terrorist organization, created by the USA and Germany, trained by U.S. and British covert forces, installed in power in Kosovo as a proxy force for NATO
by Weepin August 08, 2005
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