A person who really loves their ketamine. Does it frequently and does almost anything to get it.
by paaz March 31, 2004
a female who appears completley wigged out and who is probably travelling in some sort of minds eye dimension due to the drug, ketamine.

a female who rejects all other substances except for ketamine. usually, this female will stop at nothing for just one nectar bump of the animal tranq.
she's a k whore for sure.
by yourmatejimmy March 15, 2007
A player who ignores the objectives and team-play in a video game and just goes for kills. Common in Call of Duty, as well as in some objective-based shooters such as Battlefield, in which they are a serious annoyance.
Guy 1: For **** sake! That guys killed me like 12 times in a row!
Guy 2: Yeah he's a little K/D Whore prick he isn't even going for the objectives.

Guy 1: Get out of this game you K/D Whore piece of shit!
K/D Whore - I'm a sniper.
Guy 1: -.-
by Ben the ten pence April 11, 2011