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an outgoing, intelligent, independent, unique person;; and a ride or die kind of chick (she is loyal) she doesn't take shit from anybody but is smart. she's loud and can be selfish but is very giving to people she cares about. she can be a bitch but only when you piss her off other wise she can be very funny, loving && sexy (very very sexy) she has alot of friends and a lot of haters. she's a beautiful girl that will change a guys life with her love. She's easily fallen in and out of love but will tell her significant other if she no longer feels the connection fairly quickly. (This usually happens withing the first weeks.) If you last 1 month + with Jyleen falling put of love isn't in the picture.
Damn that Jyleen chick is a keeper!
by Lady_Killa19 March 14, 2017
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