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the greatest love match in history, a reincarnation of adam and eve, a bonnie and clyde romance dangerous to those around but involved the most powerful exuberant love formation that could rock the heavens, so beautiful shakespere had told there story under the names of romeo and juliet, never before has earth encountered such a divine combination of kindred spirits! the sound of love through stereos created vibes that sent shock waves through out galaxies a big bang that created the star of life, also referred to as 'justisabeaun'. two bodies with one soul amalgamated by unconditional love! when love making there are no bounds too restricting, from your head to your toes, there's no explaining the level of risque business that unfolds, to an extent a little too adventurous. in summary justisabeaun is the ultimate and absolute. one day to take over the world!!!
boy: i love you
girl: how much?
boy: never could i put it into worlds
girl: there is one

look at the beautiful night sky, yes lit up by justisabeaun's beauty!

person 1: OMG
person 2: is that what i think it is?
person 3: what?
person 1: quick get the camera out this only happens once every life time
person 3: HOLY SHIT
person 1: justisabeaun has once again been reborn!!!
JUSTISABEAUN: why are they taking photos?
JUSTISABEAUN: because we're the meaning to life!!!!
by isin August 02, 2013
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