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The current virtue signalling man child feminist Prime Minister of Canada who also is the controlling mind of Justin Turdo. He pontificates and panders to women and asylum seekers about how he is the second coming of his somewhat smarter, yet just as arrogant father Pierre in the hopes of someday being re elected in spite of his government's disastrous foreign and economic policies.
Trugrope admits to squeezing a female reporter's hams in the past while holding the position that all victims of sexual harassment and violence should be believed. Although he does not deny squeezing this woman's "charmin" and copping a feel, he does hint that she may be crazy for thinking that the son of god, (in this case himself, son of Pierre) would go against his own virtue signalling gospel.
:Larry- Hey Don, whatever happened to that guy on the subway who was arrested for groping that beautiful woman's ass?
:Don-Last I heard after he was arrested he used the 'Trugrope defence".

:Larry-Trugrope defence, whats that?
:Don-Its when you say, "if the son of Pierre could do it so could I, in fact it should make me a god too just like Justin Trugrope!"
by RealPolitico July 07, 2018
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