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A games about shapes and beats that somehow got humanized and sexualized.
Friend: Look up Just shapes and beats rule 34
Person: Who the hell makes porn of fucking shapes?
Person: ok what the f u c k is this
by RainbowThePerson May 11, 2019
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by Callmemaybe69 May 12, 2021
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Just shapes and beats is a game based on synced music and movement of a small blue cube that the "player" plays as.

The objective of this game is to dodge any pink/red objects until the music is over, your "cube" Will lose pieces of itself every time you are touched, if all pieces are lost, the music will rewind back until the last checkpoint you made it to, if you are in a BOSS FIGHT, there will be NO checkpoints, which will also mean that if you lose all your 6 pieces you will have to start all over again.

While navigating the Level Select, you will have to jump bounce and dodge obstacles to continue the game, there are around 6 BOSS FIGHTS in total so far.

I am hoping that for anybody who does not understand what "JUST SHAPES AND BEATS" (aka: JSaB) will kindly take consideration to let this Urban Dictionary post make it to the quite empty page that you get when you type the name of this word.
"Wanna play some Just shapes and BEATS? I've heard it's now 4 player"

"Wanna play some JSaB? I've heard it's now 4 player"
by Blixer Waifu February 24, 2020
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