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juspam most often consists of (but is not limited to) content driven posts which may or may not be read partially, in their entirety or at all. These posts almost always consist of no less than 1500 characters and are often posted with alarming frequency which add to non spam post counts in excess of 4k per year. Though relevant content is the main focus and off topic content is often limited, both are key ingredients. Its not uncommon for juspam to be followed (within the post or in reply) with the following, tl;dr, ":R&R:" or with a healthy discussions, argument or the occasional spam. Among those who adhere to the R&R way of life, juspam can also be a subconscious phenomenon reported by those who become unwitting minions of the legendary green army. Even non believers of such reports often find themselves in a position of practicing juspam, many times in lesser forms but none the less linked to the original. The definition of juspam cannot be juspam by definition. If this doesn't make sense then you are probably a racist. And thus, to avoid procreation, always remember to use protection.
I wasn't against it. I simply felt that we also needed to focus on tech as well. Perhaps I even thought we should focus on tech MORE.. which proved to be wrong. Instead both were equally important. And sure enough, due to damage factors of nuclear armed nations who were heavy on tech compared to those low on tech it turned out both needed to function together not separately. Essentially we both wanted to argue with one another for the sake of arguing and we both ended up being right.

I was also an advocate of heavy recruiting and many people were against it. Now look at R&R.. we hit 300 members for the first time in our history (thanks to tancws and others). And for the first time ever, our tech ranking is higher than our infra ranking. And nukes.. I don't even touch that. You see, we finally discovered a mutually beneficial system where I focus on tech, aid and recruitment and the DoD works on nukes and most of the wonders.

There is very few if any internal clashes like there were in the past. And the results is R&R has grown by leaps and bounds. We have increased tech purchases in R&R by 100%, we went form 180 members for quite some time into the 250-300 range....

(Cut off here because of 1500 character limit)

juspam. (Urban Dictionary made me write that.)
by rnralliance June 02, 2010
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