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The Game played when you want your IDE Drives or Devices ie, CD drives, Hard Drives, etc. to work properly, but when the documentation is unavailable for whatever reason. Jumpers are small connection devices used to connect pins on circuitboards, or attatched to circuitboards, such as on Hard Drives, etc, to allow for more options.
wordplay on a popular board/style game. Tends to be followed by a letter, then number, then "hit!", or "miss!" or a collection of letter, then numbers, depending on the letter/number combination of the jumper, and whether the resulting combination of jumpers allows the device to work properly or not.
"one i'm going to play some more jumper battleship to see if i can get this ATAPI 24x to work...j-4......hit!"
by themusicgod1/jeff cliff April 10, 2003
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