John Lennon's first son. Never really spent time with his father. Paul McCartney was more like a father to him but is still a Lennon and deserves the millions of dollars that Yoko Ono has. His half bother Sean Lennon should be thrown in jail for all the attention and money he stole away from Julian. Julian also has musical ablilties which he proved in the album Valotte.
Julian Lennon's childhood was broken because his father was not around to comfort him.
by Old Flat Top March 3, 2006
John Lennon's first son. Famous for his skills in charming the ladies. Nearly as hot as his father, but no one can compare to John.
Me: Hey I read an article about Julian Lennon last night...he's hot.

Hannah: Yeah, but just cus he's a Lennon doesn't mean he's the original.

Me: Too true.
by Beatles Groupie October 9, 2005