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Shes the type of person who acts like she cares about what your talking about but secretly not listening to you and is thinking about something self related. Shes the type of person who acts like the biggest bad ass in the whole worls but once you comfront her with something she will start apoligizing. She doesnt want any one not to like her so she trys way to hard. She really only truly loves herself. She is also super two-faced (ever see that one scene in "Mean Girls" the omg i love that skirt where did you get it?) Yea thats her. No one truly likes julia but everyone friends with her. She isnt the worst person to talk bout drama but once you tell her itll some how get back to you but backwards and wrong. So if you looking for a hypicritcal, self-obsorbed, "tough", drama starting friend be friends with somone named julia hanson.
"Whos that?"
"Julia Hanson."
'Is she nice?"
"Does she have friends?"
"Everyone but no on likes her actually."
by Fuckaphratboi February 14, 2018
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