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A crappy little hick town in Colorado where pretty women are scarce and the sasquatch like women abundant. Roughly 80 percent of the people there can fall under the term redneck, prep, or jock. A small percentage of others are just posers, and act like one of the terms I mentioned earlier. And even a smaller percentage of them are actually worthwhile people who are individuals and don't have their heads jammed up their own asses. Since the jocks, rednecks, preps, and posers get along so well, and theres so many of them, anyone else tends to become a loner. But when seeing what goes on between the others, they are happy for being a loner and feel a lot smarter.

To make things worse, the only thing that seems to matter to most of these people is the stupid high school sports teams, thinking that if you don't play every possible high school sport, you're doomed to failure, which every sensible person knows is not true

In the defense of Julesburg, just about every town around it is a lot worse, even though that may sound impossible.

You'll have a fine time in Julesburg if you can find a few of those diamond in the rough types and are good at ignoring douchebags.
I sure am glad im not from Julesburg and have to develope the ability to ignore everyone and search for diamonds in the rough to have a good time.
by Colin32 April 02, 2006
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