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A massive punch, intended for TKO's. The punch is accomplished by running at full speed towards the opponent, the person performing the punch then cocks their arm back as they get closer to their opponent. Upon coming in range of the opponent, the person performing the punch then focuses all their strength and energy into the punch and then releases it into the opponents skull. 100% of the time the opponent will fall to the ground and roll. It is also acceptable to use the juggernaut punch as a sucker punch from behind, as this is how it was first performed. If the juggernaut punch is performed, and the user exclaims "I'M THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH!" and/or achieves a TKO, it is considered epic.
"Dude! Yancy just juggernaut punched that kid in the back of the head and he rolled across the street!"
by Xero Anarian January 02, 2007
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