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A juggalo crew is easy defined as; A group of at least two or more ICP fan hanging out together, they are often stinky and somewhat unruley, petty vandalism is otfen associated with them as well as them having and selling low grade pot.They are rarley seen with the exception of the day of a concert when the get money from there parents to go see the two guys dance.a general rule of thum is to avoid these "crews" they carry disease.
look at all those little mimes, oh wait those are not mimes they are ICP fans.

Watch out that is a juggalo crew they might key your car.
by mike hickey October 08, 2006
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ok the first to definitions are totally wack speakin how im a juggalo...for all the haters suck a dick! we dont smell and dont vandalize? that shit depends on the individual person. so yeah fuck off and also were not a hardcore gang like def. 1 said juggalos arent a gang or cult or anything to be a juggalo crew that just means that your homies are juggalos n guyz hit the streets or wherever it is u go only with ur face painted...and the closest relation to a gang for juggalos would b J.R.B. Juggalo Rydaz bitch on the song "Gang Related" by ABK ft. Icp anywayz im sick and tired of all the slander that gets put on juggalos n juggalettes were people just like u but we beleive in Shangri-la which is our heaven. and us bein juggalos n juggalettes is like our set of homies like theres bloods n crips n theres preps n jocks yeah were juggalos and so now im prtty much runnin out of things to say so yeah much mutha fuckin wicked klown love!
Jock:Kate dont talk to those kids there all in a juggalo crew!!

Kate:Ohh plz there kool kids they care about me unlike u and all you care about is urself

Jock:Kate if u go talk to them you wont be my date for prom and you dont wanna ruin being mi date cuz im so popular.

Kate:you kno what fuck you your a ass!

Juggalo:geuss i got a date for prom peace muthafacko!
by David.Ya Dead Homie February 25, 2008
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Is a group of people 3 or more of them and are very very hardcore gang members. They get along with every one ,unless you piss them off. they dont fuck around .
"we will never die alone. juggalos will carry on.Swing our hatchets if we must.Each and every on of us."

we dont fuck around me and my juggalo crew, so fuck you
by twiztid Beast November 20, 2006
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