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The hypocritical term used by the city of San Francisco regarding their baseball fans' celebration following the 2010 World Series victory over the Texas Rangers. Acts such as destroying property, lighting fires, alcohol, drugs and attacks against police are included. Local newspapers and residents desperately tried to save the city's image by spinning the riot into a playful, well-deserved, controlled festivity.

Had this happened across the Bay, it would have been called an all-out riot, sadistic chaos and the worst thing to happen to California since the Loma Prieta earthquake.
Person 1: Man, did you hear about the drama last night? Fools were jumping on cars, lighting trash cans on fire, throwing bottles at cops, the whole nine.
Person 2: Naw, I didn't hear of the riots. What a bunch of idiot thugs destroying the city! Where'd it happen?
Person 1: San Francisco.
Person 2: Oh, well then that's just joyful mayhem.
by positive motion July 07, 2011
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