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Jovey is a fun person to be with. He normally lets you mess around and have physical contact. He is normally Dosent trust you if you play pranks on him, but when he does trust you it’s like a dream. Jovey is normally a blonde blue eyed boy. He can’t except his emotions, and for thre hate he gets may make his depressed. He is incredibly good with computers and video games, he can beat you in almost anything. He is into manga and anime,
Because of this he can be very defensive of what he likes. He normally falls for one of his friends. He likes a girl who is fun, creative, has a sense of humour, and one he can talk to if things get tough.
Girl1: is that jovey???
Girl2: yeah
Girl1: wow I didn’t know he’d look that cute
by LeelaWeela May 19, 2018
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