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Joritza is a beautiful pretty Spanish girl,she has a lot of friends and they love her a lot. She will always be loyal to one and another like for example: she will always keep secrets even the ones that are really bad and she will be by her friends side she not a fighter but if someone touches her she not going to stand there . She’s been through a lot growing up and when she need a friend to lean on in her head she saying “please be there” . I like fed all of her friends even the ones she just met . Joritza is looking for a friends that’s always going to be there through thick and water . Her family is the most important to her especially her mom but also her friends and pets . She will always love and be there for her friends that start with the letter A . People will hate her but she’s perfectly fine with that .
Joritza is such a brave and amazing person
by A real friend ♥️ May 18, 2018
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