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jorgasim; verb
jorgasmic; adjective

A jorgasim decribes the feeling one gets after 'pwning a nub' or more intensly in the 'pwning of nubs'. The word jorgasim is derived from the the words orgasim and Jordan. Jorgasims most often feel like you are experiencing a orgasim, hence the inclusion of orgasim in the name. The J in jorgasim comes from the name Jordan who is a kid is who must experiance this occurance the most, and I mean alot. Jordans actual words on the experiance are "It's like getting a blowjob while getting a 5K crit in Wow"
"I was playing CS lastnight and i was camping with and awp and bang bang bang... aww i had a sweet jorgasim."
"I saw jimmy playing CoD2 and he freaken was owning it up, he could bearly stay in his chair with all the jorgasims."
by Daniel231 August 09, 2006
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