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A Jordan will worm his way into your heart and claim a piece of it for his own. The best looking guy, Has a big dick, And he is the hottest guy you can ever meet, hes hot, fine, and everything a girl can ask for. HES PERFECT! An extremely loving and sweet guy, He will make you smile like an idiot, So if you are lucky enough to find one, hold on tight and never let go, He has the ability to make one's heart melt, And after all he is a really good friend, and he will sick up for you when your ever in trouble.
Guy 1, I will fucking kill you!

Guy 2, Back off mate!

Guy 1, Why should i faggot!

Guy 2, I know a Jordan Winter, He will kill you!
by ThebESTfunLovingPerson December 13, 2013
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