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an amazing and stunningly beautiful girl who boys often go crazy for!!! Jorayn will most likely not be a part of a huge group of "fake" friends, but instead a small group of really good friends who are inseparable. She is very funny and easy to talk to, due to her outgoing nature (but she can also be calm). Jorayn is a very intelligent girl and knows her goals in life and how to achieve them. The name "Jorayn" is very unique, so if you ever meet one don't let her go, she could be your next best friend! To break the ice with her, crack some jokes! (SHE LOVES THEM!!!) There currently isn't a official name definition for the name Jorayn but if there was one it would mean "friend" :)
(boy 1) You know that girl Jorayn?

(boy 2) yeah! of course dude she's so nice.

(boy 1) you think she'd hang out with me if I asked?

(boy 2) yeah man, she likes everyone.
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by Laurenlanesxoxo August 07, 2017
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