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This term is versatile. It can be used as a verb, noun, or adjective. Originated in Korea, it's a term used to describe freeloaders, mooches, pesty people who can't take a hint, & people who are cheap in a very tacky fashion. There are lots of joojups in this world and we interact (unfortunately) with them every day in our lives. We all have 1 or 2 joojup friends that we try not to hang out with. Please see examples below.
Scenario: You are having dinner with a few friends (including the joojup) at a restaurant. The bill comes and you split it evenly. The joojup will skim on tax and tip leaving everyone else to put in a few extra dollars. Everyone at the table knows the joojup left a pathetic tip and didn't include the tax. Joojup orders a 19.99 dinner and drink water with lemon. There were 2 appetizers @ 9.99 and a bottle of wine. Joojup DID partake on both appetizers but they only pay 21 dollars. Ewwww. How in Holy Jesus Mary does 21 dollars cover your 19.99 meal with apps and tax/tip?
by misslee February 10, 2009
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