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She is a God fearing woman. She is a loving and kind person. She loves on you hard. She is a very out going person. She is very passionate about everything she does. She has all the patience in the world but don't ever get on her bad side. She is a ride or die chick. When she is with you, she down to the end but when she let go she is DONE. Once you get a Jonisha hold on TIGHT because she is the best friend you always wanted. #LOVING #KIND #SWEET
Jonisha is the best you will ever have!
by Jonisha January 08, 2017
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Jonisha is a lady who believes in god.she enjoys church very much. Hard to get to know but in the end she will be one if the most realest friends you ever meant she will never leave your side no matter how much you've hurted her. She is so silly. She fears bugs. When she likes someone she sticks with that person. She is shy at time. She could get a little stubborn. She cannot stand in one place. she is deeply in love with food. When it comes to her friends she chooses to go last in everything if you find yourself a jonisha your very lucky to have her.
So I just meant this girl named jonisha aye she's pretty cool

A Jonisha? You got you a Jonisha your so lucky don't ever switch up on you she will tell you like it is and she is the most loyal person you'll ever meet.
by Band.bae August 15, 2017
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