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a spanish word for hoe , jonesha is really "hoenesha" like jose .
that jonesha always comin to class late . hoe ass lil girl .
by Art Davi February 17, 2017
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She’s a smart,funny,intelligent,beautiful,joy to be around;best looking girl with a gap you can ever meet.You’ll be a lucky person to meet one.
Girl 1: Hey who’s that new girl?
Girl 2: That’s JONESHA, how have you not met her? She’s amazing.
Girl 1: Lol,ok I’ll go see for myself;how amazing she is.

Guy 1: Aye homie,who’s that thick junt over there?
Guy 2: Who her? That’s Jonesha,the baddest female around.
Guy 1: Say no more. I got to meet her now.
by Hey Gorgeous 😁 May 11, 2018
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