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(noun) All those jb fans that are obessed with the jonas brothers

how to tell if u are blessed with this name....

1.) You see someone that looks like jb and start to think of questions to aske them...

2.)Your room is wallpapered with posters of only jb

3.) you feel like your gonna die if you dont see the jb on every tour they go on

4.) you buy the same foods they eat because u saw them eat it

5.) you know every youtube made by jb by heart

6.) inside jokes come from jb

7.) you dont go one day without thinking of them (jb)

8.) you have over 50 jb songs on your ipod

9.) your docter has told you that u have been diagnosed with OJD (obsessive jonas disorder)

10.) you get sad when you hear something about diabetes because u are reminded of nick jonas

11.) you can point out which year a photo of them was taken

12.) everything you do always has something to do with jonas brothers

13.) you have seen every picture taken of the jonas brothers

14.) you google the jonas brothers everyday to see if anything is new

15.) you comment jb atleast once a day on myspace or facebook

16.) you have atleast 10 jb shirts

17.)you have called the jonas brothers number once a week

18.) you will buy any magazine if it has jonas brothers on the cover.

19.) Your background for phone, computer and anything else is the jonas brothers

20.) you own coverse because you saw that jb owned them

21.) you bought rayban look-a-likes because jb has them

22.) you started to say poned because they say it

23.) you went and saw jb 3-d concert experience the first day it came out even if it ment to drive 30 miles to go to a mivie theatre

24.) you listen to jb 24/7

25.) you dont care how many people know u love jb

26.) you went and bought the jb cologne they use

27.) when they are guests on tv shows you watch that tv show even if u hate the host

28.) the only reason why u watch disney channel is because of the jonas brothers

29.) your basic necessities are: food, shelter, Jonas brothers, some clothes

30.) you say OMJ instead of OMG
by Heather jillian Jonas May 16, 2009
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