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A small chain of donut shops in Ohio that, at it's height in the early 90's had two dozen or so shops, but has dwindled to just over half as many since the founder Nick (last name I can't spell) sold the company off and retired back to Greece.

They specialize in hand-made doughnuts that are far better than what garbage you would find at Tim Hortons and Krispy Kreme. Also, they use the same basic coffee, from the same supplier, that's used at Starbucks, but is usually one third the price per cup. They also sell cookies and muffins, and some stores also sell soups and sandwiches. Best of all, they are a smoke friendly place - light 'em up!

Made somewhat known to everybody on the net outside of Ohio by a cool remark made by the Tourette's Guy in one of his videos.
"You can go to Jolly Pirate Donuts and take a two hour shit for all I care!!!" - Tourette's Guy

"Sweet! And I'll get a dozen assorted doughnuts and some damn good coffee for a great price while I'm at it!" - Me

"Ohhh....BOB SAGET!!!" - Tourette's Guy
by JoeBaker August 26, 2006
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